For most of us, family is at the core of our lives.  Family shapes who we are, plays a role in all our decisions, and gives meaning to what we do.  I am blessed to have a father who taught me strength and compassion, a mother who epitomizes love and sacrifice, and a brother whose loyalty is always with me.

One important lesson I was taught by my parents is to prioritize the many aspects of life.  We all know how easy it is to find distraction in things that do not matter.  Those individuals who focus their energy on what does matter are the ones who have the most impact on others, and the ones whose lives are most fulfilling.  For me, the things that matter are: God, family, and serving others…in that order.

I hope each of you have the opportunity to meet my wife, Ashley.  She is an individual with the rare gift of what I can only call an exuberant spirit.  Without her loving support, I would not have the opportunity to serve you in our State Capitol.

Both Ashley and I grew up in the Chesterfield / Ballwin region and have seen first hand its development and progress.   Our son, Jack, has been getting to know the community in his first two and a half years, and we look forward to raising both of our sons here (our second is due Thanksgiving Day of 2015)!

See you soon on the campaign trail…