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Economy & Jobs

Hard hatsRanked 47th in the country in economic growth, our State has failed to attract businesses and create an environment of job creation. Encouraging economic growth and job creation must be a priority.  More subsidies for special interests is not the answer.  Meaningful change will come through Right to Work legislation,  easing regulations on small business, and focusing on Missouri’s competitive advantages.




As your Representative, Derek will ease the tax burden on businesses and residents in Missouri.  Rather than continuing to ask residents for more money, our government must eliminate wasteful spending and become more efficient.  Derek was able to effectively eliminate the property tax levied by the City of Chesterfield and looks forward to cutting the fat out of our State budget.


SecurityDG at Air Show with Navy

Derek Grier believes security and safety are an essential service of government and he stands with our local law enforcement and fire fighter personnel.  Derek will fight to keep Missouri safe and enforce laws already in place regarding illegal immigration.



1st Amendment Rights 

All life is sacred and as a father of two young boys, Derek will always fight for the rights of those born and unborn.


2nd Amendment Rights

Derek is a proud gun oGun Picwner and staunch supporter of the right to bear arms.  The freedom to bear arms is one our Founding Fathers provided so citizens of our country can protect themselves from criminals and a tyrannical government.








Missouri schools are consistently ranked among the lowest in the nation.  Common Core has not worked and it is time to implement a new strategy of education to ensure our children have the tools necessary to be successful.  Derek believes in school choice and will get Jefferson City bureaucat’s out of our school system.