meet derek

Derek Grier is a father, husband, small business owner, and the state representative for District 100 in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Representative Derek Grier was elected to serve his first term as the state representative for the 100th District in 2016. A lifelong resident of the Ballwin and Chesterfield area, Derek became the youngest elected official in the City of Chesterfield’s history in 2011.

During his time on the City Council, Derek oversaw the operations of a diverse community of businesses and residents, helping to foster economic development, job growth, and improved quality of living. Most importantly, Derek was able to lead by bringing people of differing opinions to the table to broker solutions.

Derek studied Business Administration and played saxophone at Principia College. He owns a small business.

In his spare time, Derek contributes to organizations like Chesterfield Arts, Progress 64 West, Habitat for Humanity, and the Urban Land Institute. He lives with his wife, Ashley, and two young sons in Chesterfield.

Looking Back
During his first term in the Missouri legislature, Derek worked tirelessly to make good on the campaign promises he made in 2016. Here are just a few ways Derek made a difference:

✔ Derek fought to reduce barriers to entry, encourage job growth, and ease the regulatory burden on working families in Missouri. In March, Derek successfully passed legislation which would eliminate arbitrary age restrictions on professional licensing.
✔ Derek led on issues like ethics reform. He was among the first legislators to forgo his weekly stipend and redirect tax dollars toward a charitable cause.
✔ Derek championed legislation that will give first-time home buyers a hand up. The First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Act would authorize a tax-deduction for contributions to a savings account dedicated to buying a first home.
✔ Derek meaningfully contributed to the fight to end human trafficking by working to prohibit marriages for children under the age of 17.
✔ Derek stood up for taxpayers by working to maintain a balanced budget and return public dollars to our public schools. In 2017, the K-12 foundation formula was fully funded for the first time.
Moving forward
While much progress was made over the past few years, there’s still more work to be done. As the state representative for District 100, Derek promises to continue to:
✔ Serve his district to the best of his ability by prioritizing local interests over special interests.
✔ Be an upstanding citizen at home and in the public eye.
✔ Model positive American values like integrity, hard work, and personal responsibility.

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